Professional, ethical and always striving for the highest possible standard


Since our inception in Canberra in 1927, when Theo Notaras MBE opened the Capitol Cafe in the Canberra City, KG Capitol has established a reputation for integrity, professionalism and delivering quality construction and development projects.

In today's competitive environment, we know we must provide superior and innovative solutions to our clients.
We establish dedicated teams to administer each individual project and maintain close communication between its professional consultants and project delivery team.

We provide a hands-on, personalised approach to construction management, maintaining contact with our clients on all the projects we undertake.

KG Capitol has extensive interests in Canberra & Sydney, with 30 years of experience in Property Development, Development Management, Residential Subdivision, Construction, Project Management, Property Management, Retailing, Promotion and Management in all types of property.

We have won numerous industry awards and built an enviable reputation for the development of architecturally designed apartments, luxury townhouses, homes, offices and retail centres.


We have significant experience in all forms of commercial and residential property development. In recent years we have specialised in medium density residential and commercial development in Canberra's Inner North and South and in Sydney.


In keeping with the legacy of Theo Notaras, KG Capitol has donated over $2 million to the Canberra Community. 

KG Capitol owns and operates Supabarn Supermarkets in the ACT and NSW. Operating for 27 years, Supabarn has enjoyed consistent growth over time and has been refurbishing and expanding a number of stores in recent years.

Supabarn is the largest independently owned and operated supermarket business in the ACT and NSW.

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